Is There a Setup Fee for my Logo?

Nope! Free Logo Setup!

Is there a minimum order?

Our main site (the one you’re on) has a 12 piece minimum. However, if you create a shop with us, there are no minimum orders.

Will you send me a Proof?

Of course! We will always send you a proof of your logo before putting it on our products. This insures the 100% Risk Free Guarantee! We won’t embroider until its perfect.

Do all the items need to be the same kind?

Thats the best part- They don’t! You can order two of one product, six of another, and twenty of a different style! They don’t even need to be the same color. (Unless of course that’s what you want)

Is Shipping really free?

It sure is!

Do you only do Embroidery?

Embroidery isn’t the only thing we do! We also screen-print.

Can I update my design?

Of Course! Please contact us and a rep will help you out with the details!

Can I put Embroidery on the Back?

You sure can! You can even ask to put it somewhere like a sleeve! Use our Quote page and we will contact you about your inquiry.

What Size will my logo be?

If on the left crest the logo will be at least 4″x4″

How do I upload my Logo?

After you’re done selecting your products, in the checkout (where you put your billing/shipping information) there is a box asking to upload your logo. Just click on that, locate it on your computer, and upload!

Are there additional costs for embroidery?

All of our prices include Embroidery! So no guess work when checking out.

I’m ordering for myself, do I need to make a site?

Nope! Just order through us, no problem!

I am ordering for my business, how do I make a site?

Just fill out our form here and we will build you a site that includes our catalog (which is customizable)

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support?

Feel Free to Call Us! 702-251-8899